S3 E01 – WE’RE BACK! What’s New in Our Lives and How to Have Hyper Impact

Apr 19, 22 @ 5:37 PM | Podcast, Season 3

How many tattoos did Britnie get in preparation for this season? What other big news happened in their personal lives since Season 2? Britnie discusses what happens when you have clarity and just how fast things can happen – are we “find a way” type people or “find an excuse”? Even holy sounding excuses sound good, but what really comes out when your fruit is squeezed? Jerremy talks about labels given to us by society or family/friends. We either have the opportunity to embrace these labels and focus on a path of negativity and failure, or we choose to simply recognize those labels are there and instead choose to focus on a path of clarity that will lead to growth and hyper-impact.

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