Want to get even more out of the Broke to Woke Podcast?

See the options below to get involved with the hosts, Britnie and Jerremy.

Attend an upcoming Elevate Summit at The Aerial, BVI

Want to get to know the Broke to Woke hosts in person? All while elevating and aligning your life?

Join Britnie and Jerremy for an upcoming Elevate Summit, hosted at The Aerial, BVI – Britnie’s private island located in the British Virgin Islands. Each Elevate Summit focuses on one of the core pillars the make up whole life success. Select the summit that best aligns with the area you’re looking to grow in. Spend time in paradise, transform, and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Join Britnie and Jerremy in G-FORCE Mastermind

G-FORCE is an exclusive mastermind community of high net worth, force for good entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses, elevate their network, and increase their impact.

Through this mastermind, you will learn how you can make an even more powerful impact in your one chance on Earth, using your business as your vehicle. Join the mastermind to learn and grow alongside Broke to Woke hosts, Britnie and Jerremy.

Enroll in the 90 Days to Trade Masterclass

Do you want to learn to day trade the markets knowing absolutely nothing to creating consistent cash flow every single month?

Enter the 90 Days to Trade Masterclass presented by Real Life Trading, where our mission is to ensure that you can create cash flow for your family.

If you have access to the internet, you have access to income. Not only will Real Life Trading teach you, but they’ll give you the capital to do it with.

Take part in the Heal the Heroes Initiative

Britnie Turner’s non-profit, Aerial Recovery has an initiative called Heal the Heroes and through this initiative, you can nominate and or sponsor a deserving veteran or first responder to go through a one-year healing program.

Following the completion of the program, these men and women are repurposed as humanitarian special operators that save lives and stop evil.

Let’s continue to show that veterans are not victims, they are assets.

Join Jerremy Newsome’s Men’s MasterMind Workshop

In Jerremy Newsome’s Men’s program, he will work with you, man-to-man, to change your life, heal your soul, reconnect your relationships, and to really start calming down any anger that lives inside of you.

Through this program you will harness that energy to become a force for good, powerful, incredible man for your family, for your wife, and for your children.

For legacy, it’s time to step up to be incredible. It’s time to finally get true revitalization of your spirit.

Get coached one-on-one by Britnie in Real Estate

Whether you are just getting started in Real Estate, looking for a second set of eyes on your next deal, or want to strategize on how to start working in a new asset type – coaching is the best investment to help you succeed even faster.

Britnie has now opened limited spots for Real Estate focused one-on-one coaching. Select from one of her package options and learn from the GOAT herself on how to use your Real Estate business as a force for good.