Hang out with Britnie & Jerremy at the Elevate Abundance Summit

FEBRUARY 25-29, 2024

The Elevate Abundance Summit is your time to breakthrough into the life of wealth and abundance you desire to walk in. In this 5 day intensive, you will learn why the world NEEDS you to be wealthy, how to drop the limiting mindset or beliefs that are holding you back, how to build the mindset and habits to be able to acquire wealth and be given access to resources for you to start elevating. You will learn from force for good multi-millionaires on how they went from Broke to Woke in their mindset, relationships, achievements and wealth and how you can too.


Understand how building wealth will allow you to scale your life’s mission

Understanding the mindset and action differences between the rich, poor and middle class

Drop limiting beliefs and habits

Create the mindset required for gaining and keeping wealth

Learn how to 10x your income in the next 12 months and build multiple streams of income

Sing, Dance, Sun, Swim, Hike, Sail, Snorkel, Play, Laugh, Learn, Limbo

Keynote Speakers

Started her business at 21 while living in her car, 6 years later she won Forbes 6th Fastest Growing Woman Owned Company in the World. Britnie went through the pain of poverty, had to break off her limiting mindset and put in the right actions in order to now own 6 successful companies under the Aerial brand, a nonprofit and her own island.

Britnie Turner

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is the CEO and Co-Founder of Real Life Trading. The Mission of Real Life Trading is to Enrich Lives and that is done by teaching people how to safely and properly invest in the stock market. Jerremy’s passion for trading and teaching leads to life changing information and impact. Jerremy promises to always bring high energy, humor, relevance and a colorful approach to education.

Jerremy Newsome

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