030 – Write Your Own Eulogy

Oct 9, 20 @ 10:00 AM | Podcast, Season 1

How about this – want to write your own eulogy?! Find out how it will help you focus on what really matters in life and put you and your business on a path to live intentionally and be present daily.  Learn about Britnie’s life-changing journey in the British Virgin Islands and how her life goal is to help develop nations through redevelopment and revitalization. Jerremy and Britnie discuss how learning is easy to do, but its’ the implementation of learning that is challenging, and how real long-term sustainable change comes from education. Think about who the closest five people in your life and how that network unlocks your best potential and puts you on track to truly use your business as a force for good. Plus, Britnie gives a top-secret sneak peek at her next project – and its BIG people!

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